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High Risk Work Licence Training

Major Changes to High Risk Work Licence Training

There is a major shakeup looming in the way high risk training is delivered in Australia. From 1st April 2013 new legislation comes into effect which will require forklift, elevating work platform courses to be run over two days. Mandatory increases in the number of hours allocated to aspects of courses mean that one day training will be a thing of the past. Consolidated Training Services (CTS.) is prepared for this and scheduled changes to dogging and rigging from 1st July.

As usual we will fully comply with any future legislative requirements.

If you are offered one day forklift or EWP training after April 1st ask questions, as the courses will most likely not comply with regulations.

A photographic licence is issued to people who are assessed as being competent to hold the High Risk Work licence (HRW licence), subject to identification checks and verification of age. You must be at least 18 years of age before you can be issued with an HRW licence.

On successful completion of a course you will immediately be issued with a Notice of Assessment. This will allow you to perform that class of high risk work until you receive your licence from Worksafe. This usually takes from four to six weeks.

An HRW licence will only be valid for the class(es) of high risk work endorsed on the card. Additional HRW courses will result in the issue of an updated licence including the new classes. The licence will allow you to perform this work in any state or territory of Australia.

An HRW licence is issued for a period of five (5) years starting on the date of issue of the first HRW licence class endorsed on the licence.  All states and territories will recognise and enforce suspensions and cancellations made in other states and territories.

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